How to Schedule an Office Deep Clean

If you manage a busy office, you may already take steps to clean the space regularly to ensure that people who work there are safe and comfortable. Yet, did you know that it is important to deep-clean your office every now and again, as this work can go a lot further and make a considerable difference over time? What additional steps should you take as you think about this option?

How to Get Ready

To start with, you will need to get your staff involved. Tell them that the "deep clean" event is ahead, and make sure they clear out any clutter they may otherwise leave around. They should remove all files, documents and other materials from their desks and ensure there is nothing on the floor in the work area. This may be a good opportunity for them to shred unwanted documents too.

Where any office furniture is movable, it's best to gather it together in the middle of the space. This will give access to parts of the floor that may otherwise not be cleaned, and it will also expose edges and corners of each desk that may be hard to reach during a conventional clean. But, again, you may need to engage some of your staff to do this work in case they need to unplug any cords or wires that may get in the way.

Schedule the Deep Clean

From this point, it's best to outsource the deep cleaning work to a specialist company. Allocate several hours during which this work can be done, and it's best to do this when other staff members are not there. After all, this work can kick up a lot of dust, and the cleaning team will be prepared for this side effect.


During this event, the team will start from the top of the room with the light fixtures, railings and high shelving. They may also clean the ceiling tiles and office blinds and then work their way down to the desks and cabinets.

Extra Attention

It's important to pay attention to some of the dirtiest places in the office — the desks themselves. Computer peripherals, keyboards, screens, phones and other items will get special attention as they are cleaned and disinfected along the way.

Floor Cleaning

Finally, your specialist cleaning team will get to work on the floor, which will have accumulated a lot of displaced dust during the earlier stages.

Bring in the Experts

These are just a few of the tasks that can be addressed during a deep cleaning event. If it has been some time since you took these extra steps, reach out to a contractor to put matters right. For more information, contact a commercial cleaning service near you.

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