Two tips to follow when using a home builder's service

If you've engaged the services of one of the home builders in your area and they'll soon be constructing a home for you, here are some tips to follow.

Evaluate your plans for the future

When the home builder is ready to start designing your new home, you should not give them any specific instructions without first considering your own plans for the future, as they relate to this property. For example, if you're single and are having this home built for yourself, but you hope to one day have a partner and children with whom you could share this home, it might be worth having the builder put in features that you don't necessarily need right now but that both you and your future family could benefit from in a few years.

For example, it might be worth having them build and install a double sink bathroom vanity unit so that there is space for more than one person to get ready in the bathroom in the mornings. Likewise, it might be best to have them build a master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe that will be spacious enough for two people's clothing collections.  Additionally, if your budget will allow for it, building the house with, for example, three bedrooms, rather than two, would mean that if you have two children in the future, you wouldn't have to consider moving from the house or have to incur the cost of adding an extension onto the home, as there would already be enough space for all of your family members.

Take the home builder's recommendations seriously

Whilst it's not, of course, unreasonable to expect your builder to follow your instructions regarding the size of your new home, as well as the kind of features it should include and the layout it will have, it is important to take their recommendations seriously if they advise you to avoid adding certain features or suggest alternatives to some of your building ideas. The reason for this is that your builder will want to design your perfect home and so if they tell you that a particular idea of yours is not going to work, they are only doing this because they know, because of their expertise and perhaps their past experience with the idea you're proposing, that it might not turn out to be as good as you wanted it to.

For example, if you want your home to have an attached garage but due to the large size of the house, building this garage beside it would leave you with virtually no space for a driveway or front lawn, the builder might tell you to reconsider this idea, as you may find that relying on on-street parking for any vehicles that won't fit in the garage, or not having any decorative or functional front garden, becomes very tiresome over the years.

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