Three reasons to get more keys cut

Have you ever snapped your front door key on the lock when you were trying to enter your home? If so, you will understand the value of a locksmith. Snapping or bending your key can be frustrating, but you can normally have confidence that, before too long, an emergency locksmith will reach you. They will be able to let you into your home and ensure that you have the right keys cut so that you can secure the building and enter and leave whenever you need to do so. If a piece of the old key remains stuck in the lock, the locksmith may need to replace the lock as well as arranging to have new keys cut. While that may be one of the more extreme examples, there are plenty of other reasons that you should time the contact details for your local locksmith close at hand.

Are your children getting older?

A child obtaining their own front door key is an important step on the path to adulthood. If you have children who are growing older and starting to become more independent, getting front and back door keys cut for them is a good way to demonstrate your trust in them and to make sure that they won't need to wake up anyone if they come home late and that they aren't going to be left sitting on the doorstep and waiting for you to come home if they arrive unexpectedly or early.

Does your neighbour need access?

Have you ever arrived home from a shopping trip to discover that you have dropped your keys? Maybe you have left your keys inside your home and now can't access them. When you need a way into your home quickly, you may not want to rely on a relative who lives some distance away. Having keys cut for a trusted neighbour is often the most effective solution. A neighbour who lives close to you will be able to furnish you with access quickly so that you aren't stuck outside, sitting on the street in the cold, waiting for help to arrive.

Have you had a new lock fitted?

You might be surprised how many locks there are around your home. There are locks on all of your exterior doors, but there are also locks on gates and garages. Maybe there are locks on outside storage containers as well. It is advisable to have spare sets of keys cut for each of these locks so that you will always be able to access them when needed. Your local locksmith should be your first choice whenever you need to get keys cut.

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