4 Mistakes That Increase the Need for Refrigeration Repair

Any business that handles perishable goods needs to invest in cold room storage to prevent them from spoiling. The market offers a wide range of cold rooms, and some manufacturers offer customising options. Therefore, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for before purchasing a refrigeration unit. 

Without the proper knowledge, you will likely choose the wrong unit, fail to take good care of it, reducing its efficiency and increasing the need for refrigeration repairs. The article mentions some errors to avoid when getting a commercial cold room that would speed up the need for repairs. 

Failing to Consider the Size

When getting a refrigeration room, ensure you choose the appropriate size for your needs and the allocated space. Therefore, measure the length, width, and height of the cold room using the ideal measurements. A cold room that is too small will not meet your storage requirements, while one that is too big wastes a lot of energy. 

Get a cold room that fits perfectly into the intended space. There should also be enough space for your products to fit perfectly to allow proper circulation of cold air. Otherwise squeezing products in the equipment can ends up harming it. 

Ignoring Electricity Needs

Failing to check the amount of power needed for the cold room to operate can also cause various issues. For instance, the operating costs will increase as the electrical costs also increase. Purchasing energy-efficient units will reduce the amount of energy needed. Getting a motor with a high capacity also reduces the operating costs of the refrigeration unit. High-capacity motors reduce energy consumption while providing a higher cooling ability.

Bulky Items

It is also important to check how bulky your products are prior to purchasing a cold storage unit. Every refrigeration unit is designed to accommodate a specific weight. Storing products that surpass this weight can cause separation of the cold room walls, damaging the unit completely. 

Therefore, get a cold room that can comfortably accommodate the total weight of your products.

Ignoring the Temperature Range

It can be frustrating for your refrigeration unit to finally arrive only to find that it cannot get cold enough for the products. Some refrigeration units have a very limited temperature range. However, high-quality cold rooms offer a wide temperature range, so you can get a unit that meets your now and future refrigeration needs. That way, you won't have to worry about not meeting your cold storage requirements. 

A refrigeration room is a vital business investment, and you should get one that is suitable for your business. Take the time to understand what to look for in a refrigeration unit to avoid making costly errors. Working with experts will ensure you get exactly what you need. Therefore, hire an experienced and reputable contractor to help you choose and install a cold room. Learn more about refrigeration repair today. 

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