Three Reasons to Invest in Structural Steel for Construction Projects

Steel is one of the most popular metals in the construction industry. The popularity comes from positive qualities such as tensile strength, durability, malleability and a superior level of resistance to corrosion. Structural steel is a type of steel that is specifically used to fabricate construction materials. The main difference between structural steel and other types of steel is stiffness in its cross-sectional area. This makes it possible for the metal to support an excessive amount of weight without buckling. Here are a few other reasons to consider using structural steel for construction.

Increase Construction Speed

When compared to other field-placed materials, steel gives you faster construction timelines. The faster timelines are mainly because structural steel can be designed and fabricated in the factory, and when it gets to the site, it is ready for use. When you compare steel to a construction material such as concrete, you will find that concrete takes a lot of time to cure, and there are also certain seasons when it is extremely risky to use it. Rapid steel erection in all seasons saves you time and money during a building project.

Lower Construction Cost

When you compare framing a building with steel and using other materials, you will find structural steel to be the cheaper alternative. This is because the cost of steel is lower than the cost of most of the alternatives. The fact that the framed building will need less fortification to achieve structural integrity also improves the cost–benefit ratio associated with the use of steel. A steel-framed building can last for many years without the need for repairs, while other materials are not as durable.

Sustainability of the Material

Steel is one of the most highly recycled metals on the planet. Most of the time, when a building is demolished, the steel framing will be intact, and this makes it very easy to recycle. Recycling steel is good for the planet because it lowers your carbon footprint. Additionally, recycled steel is cheaper than freshly fabricated steel, which means that you can lower the cost of construction further by recycling.

Other common benefits of steel include high strength. It is this quality that makes steel the most popular reinforcement structure for buildings. Steel is also innovative and modifiable, as you can reshape it into any new form that you might need. The crucial thing to remember is to order your steel from a reliable supplier. As long as the quality is excellent to start with, you can expect a durable structure. 

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