3 Practical Ways to Maintain Your Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is popular today due to the real wood surface it brings in commercial and residential settings. Wood flooring adds visual appeal and functionality in the room, especially if you choose the right wood species. Though some people choose maple, hickory or American walnut when installing engineered hardwood flooring, none transforms a room like engineered oak flooring. But how do you keep your engineered oak flooring attractive always and increase its lifespan? Stick to these maintenance practices:

Clean Stains and Spills Instantly

Wipe up the stains and spills on your engineered oak flooring immediately after they happen. Stains and spills that remain on the hardwood flooring for a long time cause permanent stains and damage the veneer layer. Though you can use water to remove the stains and spills on the hardwood surface, others may require a liquid cleaner to remove them. However, you shouldn't use a liquid cleaner and brushes that the floor manufacturer doesn't approve of. Don't use harsh chemicals or bleach reagents used to clean tile or vinyl flooring to clean the oak flooring if you want to avoid persistent damage. Avoid liquid cleaners containing ammonia or vinegar since they damage the veneer layer of the oak flooring.

Sweep and Vacuum the Flooring Often

Debris and dust will collect on your engineered oak flooring over time, but the worst happens when it's left dirty for a while. The rocks and dirt left on the hardwood flooring damage or scratch the top layer of the flooring, making it unsightly. Vacuum or sweep the hardwood floor three times a week to keep it in good shape throughout the year. Clean the floor daily if you have children to minimise allergies and illnesses caused by dust. The vacuum cleaner you use to clean the entryways and other high-traffic floor surfaces shouldn't just be lightweight but also be on hardwood-mode. The bristle bar of a hardwood-mode cleaner doesn't rotate, and this prevents irreversible damage to your engineered flooring.

Reduce Dents and Scratches

Engineered oak flooring, like any other hardwood floor, withstands dents and scratches. However, you shouldn't place some items, such as heavy furniture, on it because they scratch the surface, leaving some ugly marks on it. Don't pull your furniture on the floor when moving them. Look for quality furniture pads and place them under the castors and legs of your furniture to prevent scratching. Ask your children to not walk on the engineered oak flooring with their spike or stiletto heels to avoid scratching its top layer. If your oak flooring has already developed some dents and scratches, you can refinish or sand it two or three times to remove them, depending on how thick the wear layer is.

Installing engineered oak flooring in your home is one thing, and maintaining it in good shape is another thing. Don't ignore the three maintenance tips above if you want to increase the durability and functionality of the oak flooring you install. For more information, speak with a professional who works with engineered oak flooring

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