Characteristics That Make Stainless Steel Floor Wastes The Best Solution For Your Needs

Selecting floor wastes presents a myriad of options to you. Thus, you could be thinking that opting for traditional options such as cast iron will be sufficient. But this is untrue. The supplies employed for floor wastes are ever-evolving, so you should take into consideration the newer options that could prove to be much more functional. One such material is stainless steel. To ensure that you are making an informed decision, here are characteristics that make stainless steel floor wastes the best solution for your needs.

Economical investment

If you are familiar with plumbing supplies, you know that stainless steel comes with a high price tag. However, this should not give you sticker shock. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that stainless steel floor wastes will prove to be an economical investment down the road. For starters, this material is highly durable. Thus, not only does it retain its inherent strength for much longer than other supplies used for this application, but it also maintains its appearance too. Therefore, you will not be bleeding money in repairs or refinishing of the floor wastes. This option is much more cost-efficient than, for example, investing in cast iron only to have your floor wastes replaced regularly due to degradation.

Rust resistant

Speaking of degradation, stainless steel gains its resistance to carrion from the chromium that it contains. When you bear in mind that floor wastes are continually exposed to moisture, you will realise that stainless steel is much more up to the task when compared to other forms of steel such as the galvanised variety. Therefore, your stainless steel floor wastes will nether rust nor pit, and this ensures that they will serve you for the long term. It is also worth noting that stainless steel floor wastes will not require upkeep in the form of treating the surface to guard against rust since the metal is innately resistant to this scourge.


Drainage grates that are installed outdoors should be immune to the changing weather conditions or you will end up replacing the floor wastes prematurely. Plastic is a typical material used for floor wastes, but it is not ideal for exterior or applications. During the summer, the sweltering heat can melt the plastic, while cold will harden the material and make it susceptible to breakage. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is weather resistant. Hence, you do not have to worry about exposure to changing weather patterns.

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