Tiny Home Electrical Options for Extreme Cold Weather

When you first start looking into getting a tiny home, you probably have some things in mind. One of those things is how you plan on travelling, as well as the destination. This usually means going to a destination that has an extreme weather condition during your stay. The most popular tiny home destinations tend to have extreme cold weather. With that in mind, here are some electrical options to prepare for those cold weather conditions.

Tankless Water Heater 

There is a misconception that tankless water heaters require solar power. The truth is the tankless systems come with both electrical and solar options. If you are going to be in an area that will see severe snow and related weather, solar may not be as readily available. However, you can use an electrical power option that can connect to power batteries and other electrical energy resources. An electrician will connect your power system directly to the tankless heater. This avoids using a tank full of water that can freeze overnight while waiting for you to use it. It also avoids wasted energy on keeping that water heated while it waits to be used.

Heated Flooring

Depending on the design of your tiny home, you can have a heated flooring put in. This means that heated coils can be placed under the flooring to heat not only the floor but also heat the subflooring of the tiny home. Keep in mind that you have no foundation in a tiny home like you would with a traditional home. This means you need to insulate around the perimeter of the home when it is parked in snow and other similar conditions. The insulation will help keep the home warmer, but having a heated floor installed by an electrician will increase the warmth of the tiny home and make it more comfortable.

Solar Power Switch

There are times when you may be able to gain solar power. In these cases, you will want to switch to solar power. This means having an electrician skilled in solar power to install the power switch allowing you to pull from the solar energy source and save power on your normal electrical sourced batteries. You will also want to have the electrician set up a system that will allow you to have dual power-sourced batteries and other options installed to ensure you have power and energy at all times. 

These are just a few of the electrical options for extreme cold weather living in a tiny home. If you are ready to get started on setting up your electrical system, contact your local electricians with tiny home experience. They can help you ensure that you have the systems you need in place. They can also make suggestions for you, depending on the winter weather destination you have in mind.

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