5 Essential Common Areas to Include in Your Subdivision

If you are subdividing land to create a neighbourhood, you may not want to cut up all the land into individual plots. You may want to turn some of the land into common areas. Here are some spaces you may want to include.

1. Swimming Pools

To attract quality buyers to your development, you need the right amenities, and a swimming pool can be helpful in that regard. You may want to position the pool so that it's easy to access from all the lots in the development. Make sure you leave space for a large pool plus a deck, a fence and a pool house for supplies.

If you're trying to attract older buyers, you may want room for a hot water therapy pool. Similarly, if you're trying to attract families, you may want a zero depth pool, water slides and other kid-friendly amenities.

2. Parks

Consider integrating a park into your subdivision. Depending on the types of buyers you're trying to attract, you may want a park that has large open areas for dogs, a park with lots of playground equipment for kids or a park that has exercise opportunities specially designed for senior citizens.

3. Community Gardens

More and more people are becoming interested in growing their own food. As a developer, you can opt to make each plot large enough to easily accommodate a garden, or you can focus on smaller plots with a large community garden in the middle of the development. To keep out pests, you may want to plan a fence around the garden. You may also want to leave room for a shed or a series of lockers where residents can keep their gardening supplies.

4. Extra Parking

The future residents of your subdivision may want to have guests come over, and unfortunately, there may not always be room for guests to park their cars in the road. To accommodate your resident's guests, you may want to put in large parking lots for overflow. If you are building a clubhouse or rec centre in your subdivision, you may want to put the overflow parking near those spaces.

5. Walking Paths

To tie together the residential and shared elements in your subdivision, consider putting in some walking paths. Scenic paths that wind through your development can also be a useful way to attract active residents to your community.

Talk with a subdivision expert for more ideas. They can help you break up your land into an advantageous blend of personal residential lots and shared spaces.

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