Making the Right Colour Choices When Painting Your Conference Room

Paint colour options may not seem vital in commercial premises. In fact, some business owners may want to steer clear from bold colours under the presumption that they would be a distraction in the office. However, over the years it has been shown that colour selection can have an impact on the overall productivity of your office, and a commercial painter can help you get the look you want.

One room that you should pay particular attention to when painting your premises is the conference room as a lot of high powered meetings and creative thinking goes on in this space. Read on to discern which colours would make it easier for you to have a psychological impact on your potential clients, employees as well business stakeholders while in the conference room.


Hues of yellow are thought to elicit mental acuity as well as revitalise the energy of the people around this colour. Yellow is also known to make people feel happy. Therefore, you may want to consider painting your conference room if your business is centred on marketing products and services as prospective buyers would be more susceptible to your pitch when they are in their happy place. A yellow colour scheme for your conference room and office at large would also be beneficial if your business relies on pitching sponsors to get revenue.


In the corporate world, red is known to stimulate people, which helps in quick decision-making. Red hues are also likely to instil determination and passion in your employees, which make this colour choice great for businesses that tend to hold protracted meetings or have extensive brainstorming sessions in the conference room.


Another colour that is associated with creative stimulation and a wholesome well-being is orange. Orange works particularly great in office settings where teamwork is paramount. The colour can boost encouragement among your employees, making it easier for mental engagement among your workers. Orange is also associated with success, making it excellent for business models that require their employees to be target driven, such as in making commissions and more.


Blue is a favourite colour for businesses as it is known to elicit feelings of trust. Painting your conference room in shades of blue will give the impression that not only is your business stable, but that it also can also evoke emotions of loyalty. These perceptions would be beneficial for businesses whose customers have high expectations, such as financial intuitions, insurance companies and more.

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