Tips on Maintaining the Good Looks of Your Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways are one of the most common features in the exteriors of many residential and commercial properties across Australia. Unlike asphalt driveways, which typically have a blacktop colour, concrete driveways can come in an extensive range of decorative finishes, such as stamped, stained, polished, and engraved concrete. The best part is that any of these attractive finishes can come in different colour choices, so that homeowners and businesses can create the exact look they desire.

In order to maintain their good looks, concrete driveways have to be properly cared for. Be sure to do the following to keep your concrete driveway looking brand new for its entire lifespan.


Like any other structure that is installed out in the open, concrete driveways become dirty and unsightly, over time. Vehicle tyres will leave dirt on the surface of the concrete and motor oil and grease may spill and stain the driveway. It is, therefore, essential to give your driveway a thorough clean job so as the remove the buildup and reinstate the good looks of your concrete.

To clean your driveway, you will first need to choose the right concrete cleaner and get a good pressure washer. If you do not own a pressure washer, you can hire one from a local home improvement store. Once you have mixed your cleaner with water and connected the solution to a pressure washer, start spraying and scrubbing your way across the entire driveway, cleaning from the top to bottom of the driveway's slope. Doing this as required will help revive the nice-looking finish of your concrete. 


Aside from cleaning your driveway regularly to rid of dirt buildup, you will also need to occasionally reseal it to protect it from damage that may be caused by the elements and ensure maximum lifespan. Concrete is a porous material, and in the absence of sealers, foreign elements can seep in and ruin the surface finish. Before sealing old concrete, it is important to first repair any cracks and holes that may be present on the driveway. Small cracks will needed to be filled with concrete filler, while large cracks and holes will needed to be patched up with ready-mix concrete. This will ensure the sealers work more effectively. 

If you have any questions on how to care for your concrete driveway, you should consult a local concrete contractor. Do not try anything new without seeking expert advice first. 

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