Five Tips for Boosting Your Chances of Getting Placed by a Labour Hire Company

If you're looking for a construction or labour job, you may want to contact a labour hire company. These placement agencies let you toss your hat into the ring for multiple jobs at once, and they can help optimise your time during your job search. Want to make the most of your labour hire application? Check out these tips:

1. Treat Labour Hire Companies Just Like Any Other Employer

When you apply with labour hire companies, you should take the process just as seriously as you would an application with any other company. In reality, you should treat the process even more seriously. Remember, labour hire companies can be the gateway for hundreds of jobs, whilst a single employer likely only has a single job or a handful of jobs available.

2. Create a Skills-Based Resume

Labour hire companies are looking for key skills, and to boost your chances of success, you may want to create a skills-based resume. This type of CV focuses on your skills rather than your previous posts. It can be a great way to focus on your abilities rather than your tenure at various posts, and if you've been out of the industry for a while, it allows you to talk about what you can do, rather than creating a resume that has a lot of holes in the employment timeline.

3. Apply to Industries in High-Demand

You may also want to tweak your resume so that you can apply for jobs that are in the highest demand. For instance, as of March 2017, many labour hire companies are looking for mine labour in particular. Even if you've never worked for a mine company, you can create a resume that speaks to that industry. For instance, if you're a competent truck driver, a mechanic, a commercial electrician, or just someone who can learn quickly and loves physical labour, those are all skills in demand in the mines, and you can create a CV that reflects those skills.

4. Gather Proof of Certifications

If you have certain professional certifications, it can make it easier to get a labour job. If you have a truck licenses, confined space training, proof of completing internships in skilled trades, or any other types of certifications or education, you should gather up those documents and attach copies to your resume so the recruiter sees that information.

5. Practice Interviewing

If your resume passes muster, you may get an interview with the labour hire company. To boost your chance of getting placed, you may want practice interviewing. Review common interview questions from the internet, and have a friend ask those questions to you. Get used to responding quickly and professionally no matter what inquiry the interviewer throws at you.

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