Tricks of Trade That Every New Electrician Can Benefit From

In case you have just graduated as an electrician and landed your first job, then applying the guidelines and concepts you have learned is the best way to go about your career. However, as an inexperienced electrical contractor, you will find yourself lacking in materials from time to time, which will compromise project schedules. The situation can result because of limited resources or lack of insight on all aspects of a project. As such, improvising can be a big asset to you. This article provides a few improvisation ideas you can apply during implementation of electrical projects.

Punching Holes -- Tools used to punch holes on boards have become advanced, with a majority of electricians packing cordless impact drivers. These tools have made work easier for electricians, but you can still get the most out of your impact driver and knockout set. For instance, if you have a knockout set that uses a one-inch, swap the one-inch bolt for an impact socket with the same dimension. This combination is capable of producing enough power to punch a two-inch hole on a heavy board in less than 30 seconds. Overall, you will cut the amount of time spent on punching holes thereby improving your efficiency.

Catching Sawing Debris -- As a specialist in commercial electrical wiring, you will be called to saw holes on boards that house control panels and other sensitive equipment. This can be a tricky affair, for example, you are required to saw in such a way that debris like metal shavings, and filings do not find their way inside the sensitive equipment. Nonetheless, edging a sizeable piece of foam insulation board just below the area you are supposed to saw a hole will catch the debris and plugs thereby giving you peace of mind while working.

Using a Strong Magnet to Fetch Tools -- Working on higher platforms requires good preparation because you do not want to leave behind anything you will need for the task ahead. However, as any seasoned electrician will tell you, there is no escaping such an incident. At one point, you will forget a screwdriver or some other tool below once you get to your working station. However, you can avoid the agony of going back down by using a magnet that is tied to a string. For example, you can tie a string to a bolt then attach a strong magnet onto it. Keep it in your pocket so that anytime you leave behind anything metallic in your toolbox, all you have to do is lower the magnet using the string and fetch it.

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