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When you hear the term "consulting engineering" you may wonder what engineering field this is. Consulting engineers are employed by both public and private clients for various engineering projects. In many cases, consulting engineering firms employ individual engineers from different engineering backgrounds and package their consulting services as a whole. If you have a particular project like upgrading the electrical system in your building, adopting a green energy policy, identifying the main source of dampness in your structure, or any other, finding an individual consultant engineer in that particular field may be sufficient. On the other hand, when a public or private client wants to undertake a major construction project, it is often best to get "full professional services" from a consulting engineers firm. Full professional services of consulting engineers cover two main stages of any construction project that could prove critical to the entire project:

Pre-commencement stage

Before you undertake any project a feasibility study should be done. Whether you are a government body, a local authority, a factory, or even a construction company, you ought to first find out if the project will work.  Feasibility studies, when done through different independent bodies, may be costly or contradictory, hence damaging to the overall project. If you subscribe for full consulting engineering services, their first step to approaching your project would be carrying out feasibility studies. Many projects can be terminated at this stage if it turns out that the project would be too costly, requires a much extended implementation period, or the project isn't just feasible.  

It is also at this stage that the consulting engineers would assist you in acquiring any needed permits or patents before commencing your project. These will also prove quite crucial for the construction project.

Actual project stage

Once the ball is set in motion, you will find that getting the full professional services of these engineering firms is quite beneficial to your overall project. The engineers handle particulars such as; preparation of designs, computer-aided drafting, technological implementation, arrangement and drafting of contracts, or even consulting on the required on-site staff. Such areas can be hectic and consuming if handled inefficiently. During the construction process, the engineering consultants will avail step by step help as the contractors and various laborers continue with your project. The consultants make sure that the project sticks to pre-determined plans. If adjustments are to be made, a chain of command leading up to the project manager is followed ensuring that nothing goes wrong with your project. You can also entrust the engineering consultants with the payment of staff and various contractors if you so wish. A consulting engineering firm will ensure that your project is successfully completed up to the last stage of resolution of accounts.

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