Why You Should Think about Commissioning a Boundary Survey for Your Land

If you have owned a parcel of land for a long time or may have been given it as part of an estate settlement, you will want to ensure that your asset is protected. In other words, you will want to be able to defend your rights and ability to make decisions that could help you to capitalise on the value of the land. So why should you turn to a property surveyor, and how can they help?

Generating Up-To-Date Information

Even though someone may have performed a boundary survey on this land at some point, it's a good idea to re-establish your title by doing the work again. This type of survey will help you determine with high accuracy the precise location of your property boundaries. You will know exactly what you have to deal with and can certainly value your asset with more conviction.

Understanding the Survey

In a boundary survey, a specialist will mark out the exact position of the property line, taking into account any older surveys, adjoining properties and other information. You will need to work with a licensed surveyor who will use certain tools and equipment to come up with an accurate determination.

Making Your Property Ready for Sale

If you ever want to sell your property, you will definitely need to have this type of information in place and, crucially, recorded in an official report. After all, you have to convince prospective buyers so that they know that they are getting value for money. It'll help them accurately plan what to do with the land.

Avoiding Neighbourly Disputes

A survey like this will also be handy should you ever encounter a conflict with your neighbours. They may intend to perform certain work that could encroach on your land if there is no clarity. You can avoid this situation by presenting a formal survey plan to them, which will help them to prepare accordingly. This is far better than raising a dispute after the fact, which could involve lengthy discussions, costs and even a court case.

Considering Construction

Should you want to build on your land, the local government will typically require you to get a formal boundary survey in any case. This could form part of the planning permission, and you can pre-empt the process by performing the survey now.

Commissioning the Work

So, protect your asset by generating some legal documentation. Get in touch with a land surveyor to set the process in motion. For more information on property development, contact a professional near you.

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