4 Ways to Get a More Appealing Exterior Commercial Building Design

First impressions are important, and that is the case for the exterior design of your commercial building. Your business needs to leave a mark on the clients. One way to do that is by having an impressive layout of your facility. Though you will not be handling the actual design, you have a say on what you wish to incorporate. You understand your industry, and your business facility should meet your requirements. Here are some useful aspects to help you during the design phase of your business establishment. 

Create an Attractive Entrance

If you wish to get customers to come into your commercial property, find ways to make a lasting impression. You can achieve that by coming up with an attractive front entrance. Use contrasting colours to make the entryway stand out. The entry should have bolder colours than the rest of the building. Adding special features such as lighting and seating can help put the clients at ease. Other soft comforts like plants also create a welcoming effect. 

Use the Right Windows

Apart from choosing durable windows, you should also get the ones that look good. Small windows will not allow enough light to get into your building and do not look great. Modern offices look great with large expansive windows. But, if you wish to stick to the traditional rectangular windows, ensure they are symmetrical. Choose windows that fit in with the rest of your space. Since there are various designs, get functional and durable windows for your area. 

Landscape the Outdoors

Landscaping is more than placing plants at the front of your commercial establishment. The first step should be to research the local soil conditions and native plants in your area. Planning the landscape is essential because it takes time for plants to grow. Thus, it is best to start the project early. Plants tend to create an inviting space. Once you get it right, you can transform your outdoor space. You will, however, need to be patient. 

Use the Right Materials

The market offers many texture options you can use in your business facility. Therefore, it can be hard to find the right one to use. Ensure you find a balance between aesthetics and durability. Also, you should get materials that are a reflection of your style. For instance, you can use tumbled stones to achieve a country style. It is best to consult a design architect so that you find the ideal materials to use. 


Designing the exterior of a commercial building is not easy. It is best to work with commercial building design architects through each stage. That way, you will not make mistakes that cost you in the future.

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