Is It Critical To Hire A Structural Engineer for Your New Home Build?

When you start putting plans underway to embark on the construction of your new home build, you may be under the impression that you only require the services of building contractors. Although building contractors are essential to the erecting of your structure, you should also know that a structural engineer would be fundamental for your project, too. What a majority of people are unaware of is how all construction projects will employ tenets of structural engineering. So before you are done with recruiting contractors for your project, read on for why it is critical to hire a structural engineer for your new home build.

What does structural engineering entail?

The first thing that you should know about structural engineering is that it is it is guided by both mathematics and physics. Therefore, a structural engineer will apply their knowledge of the empirical strength of construction supplies, the laws of physics as well as geometrical calculations to ensure that the building being constructed will be structurally sound. A couple of the ways that a structural engineer will be beneficial to the construction of your new home build include:

The designing of the house: While architects play a role in the design of your house, a structural engineer is important since they will ensure that the design is capable of withstanding the pressure and vertical load placed on the building. Structural engineers will lend their expertise to determine the type of foundation that it requires, the type of roof, the types of beams used to reinforce the structure and so on.

The analysis of the house: Once the construction of the house is underway, a structural engineer will carry out different analyses to ensure that your structure is adhering to various engineering principles. This process entails ensuring that the design of the building meets the building codes that have been set out. Moreover, the analysis also functions to determine the degree of wind velocity the house can withstand, the amount of load that the structure can bear and so on.

Why are the risks posed when working without a structural engineer?

When you overlook hiring the services of a structural engineer, you are putting the durability and the safety of the structure at risk of jeopardy. For instance, if the building does not have the proper load bearing capabilities, it is only a matter of time before it collapses due to either excessive weight or forceful winds. Not to mention that your structure may not meet local building codes if you did not hire a structural engineer, and you may have to raze it down.

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