5 Reasons to Opt for Male Sterile Kikuyu Turf

Do you want to install a residential or commercial lawn? The male sterile Kikuyu turf is the ideal grass for your space. With its broad leaves and aggressive growth habits, it has a spongey feeling when properly cared for. The following points will look into five reasons why you should consider the Kikuyu turf for your landscaping needs.

1. Bright Green Artistic Color. Ever been to a well-maintained natural turf golf course? The male sterile Kikuyu turf has a distinct and vibrant bright green colour, adding an artistic look to your lawn.

2. Rapid Growth. Another notable advantage of the Kikuyu grass variety is its rapid growth. If you need natural turf that can endure heavy use and is easy to restore, you can't go wrong with this grass type.

3. Able to Withstand Harsh Conditions. The Kikuyu turf is ideal for shade and harsh weather conditions. When compared to alternative varieties of real grass, it will thrive more in shady conditions due to its broad leaves and deep root system. The turf can also withstand mild frost, which means that it will still look great in winter. In addition, the turf is able to compete well against weeds due to its aggressive growth habits. This makes it the perfect choice for lawns located in weed-prone areas.

4. Easy to Plant and Maintain. When it comes to planting, you don't need to use fertilisers on your Kikuyu grass due to its ability to grow well in nitrogen-deficient soils. In fact, this grass variety will flourish better without the addition of fertilisers, making it a cost-effective solution.

5. Turf Thickness. When properly installed and maintained, the Kikuyu grass species provides a thick mat layer that feels soft and comfortable underneath bare feet. The grass spreads itself well, ensuring that no patches are available. For homeowners, this quality may lend itself well to picnics and playing areas for children and pets. In addition to being thick, the Kikuyu turf can have long blades when left to its own devices, giving the ground a fluffy pillow feeling.

Owing to its various advantages, the Kikuyu grass is a popular choice for homeowners and businesses that want to install a natural lawn on their properties. Before joining the bandwagon of those already enjoying the benefits associated with this type of grass, you should first contact a local landscaping professional to find out if the Kikuyu grass is the best option for you.  

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