3 Benefits of Using Custom Home Builders for Granny Flats

Building a granny flat is something that many families consider for various reasons. Granny flats are ideal for a family member that may be older, needs mild monitoring, and mild assistance. They don't want to go to an assisted living facility and want to remain with family while still keeping their independence. Here are three benefits of using custom home builders for a granny flat, if prefabricated options don't fit your needs.

Safety Integrations

The safety of your loved one is one of the reasons you decided to go with a granny flat to begin with. With that safety in mind, you want to make sure that there are certain things integrated into the granny flat during the building process. Ramps, floor level lighting, safety bars, and even security cameras are items that may not be part of the prefabricated build. A custom home builder can handle these for you and integrate them directly into the build. They can also add other customized safety features that are specific to your loved one's needs.

Customized Layouts

Prefabricated granny flats generally have the same style layout with very few customized options. They are also difficult to customize once they are on the property and set up. A custom home builder can work with you and your loved one to develop a layout that works well for your situation. For example, you may want an open layout for the living room and kitchen areas with no bar or divider. You also may want a bathroom that has a wider entrance door and the ability to allow a walk in shower or wheelchair accessible shower.

Adaptable Living Options

You may already know that your loved one's health will not remain the same. In fact, you may be preparing for the time when your loved one begins to get worse. For that reason, you will want to have an adaptable living option. This means you will want items in the home to be easily adjustable or easy to add to and change if needed. For example, you might have a design plan that has a sliding glass door for the back of the home. Overtime, this door may not be suitable. A custom home builder can design the home in a way that allows you to easily change out the sliding glass door for a different style such as french doors with a ramp.

If you are ready to hire a custom home builder to build your granny flat, have your plans ready. Schedule a consultation with a custom home builder to discuss these plans and work on a building option that fits your needs. They can help you develop your plans and make those plans happen.

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