What to Consider During Preliminary Construction of a New Marina

Building a new marina means taking on more considerations than just how many boats will be housed at the marina. You have to consider the weather conditions the marina will endure, as well as what components you may want to have at the marina. Some of these components, especially ones that are added for comfort of long-term marina residents, will greatly influence the design and size of the marina. Here are a few things you should consider during your marina construction and what to know about each one.

Fishing Availability

Some marinas do not allow fishing from the docks. This is for several reasons, including liability issues. One of the considerations you need to keep in mind is if you want to allow fishing from the marina. If you do, you need to consider if you will have areas that are restricted from fishing and areas that are open for fishing. This consideration, and the answers you give for the consideration, can change the design of the marina. For example, you may find you will need to have railings installed, extended piers and areas built for weighing fish and selling fishing supplies.

Shade or Natural Light

You may not consider the light source of your marina. The truth is, the consideration of shaded marina areas or natural light areas can have an impact on the marina design. If you have the area shaded, you will need to consider the building materials used for the cover, attaching the cover and if the cover will be retractable in areas.

You also need to consider that if you will be using natural light, you may need to change the materials or colouring of the marina. If the marina will be in exposed natural light, the colour and material may become hotter causing a risk to the marina residents and users. This means you may want to use heat-resistant materials instead of metal and a lighter colour paint instead of darker colours that can absorb heat.

Floating or Fixed

Having a floating or fixed dock is another consideration to keep in mind. Floating docks and marinas have various benefits. One of the larger benefits is the ability to lift the dock and marina areas during harsh weather conditions. This reduces the chance of costly damages. However, a fixed dock may offer more security to your marina residents. Fixed docks also allow for more furniture and seating areas like storage crates and benches.

These are just a few of the considerations you should keep in mind during your planning and preliminary stages of building your new marina. If you are open to different design options, consider a consultation with marina construction contractors. They can help you with pricing, options and designs.

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