Materials That Are Heroes in the Splashback World

Splashbacks may be a staple building supply in kitchens and bathrooms, but this does not mean they have to be bland. If you are looking to update these spaces with minor renovations, be sure to include the replacement of your splashbacks as this slight change could add a dramatic effect to the overall appearance of the room. However, before replacing your splashbacks, you should familiarise yourself with some of the trendy materials that are in the market. These supplies would add functionality to your space and also increase the value of the property. Here are some of the materials that are considered heroes in the splashback world.

Digitally printed glass splashbacks

When some people think of glass splashbacks, they visualise plain glass panels affixed to their walls to protect against water damage. In reality, this is simply the standard type of glass splashbacks available. Homeowners looking for something that would make their walls more visually pleasing while still being capable of offering protection should consider digitally printed glass splashbacks. These splashbacks are best if you do not have any views out of your kitchen as you could opt to have different landscapes printed on the glass ranging from tranquil forest vistas to soothing beachscapes. Alternately, you could also choose to have geometric patterns and shapes digitally printed on the glass splashbacks to complement a contemporary styled space.

Pressed metal splashbacks

Pressed metal panels are traditionally associated with decorative ceiling designs. However, in recent years. As millennial homeowners are looking for unique and distinctive design elements in their homes, the pressed metal panels have started to be integrated as splashbacks too! Pressed metal splashbacks add a distinctively unique feel to your kitchen, by injecting an industrial yet elegant touch to the room. Moreover, the pressed metal is powder coated to ensure that the panels are capable of withstanding wet conditions without succumbing to corrosion. The powder coating also gives you the creative flexibility to choose from an array of colours that will match or complement the colour scheme of your room.

Mirrored splashbacks

To add an instant touch of sleekness to your space, you may want to consider the installation of mirrored splashbacks. These types of splashbacks are a favourite as they have an uncanny ability to make any room look larger than it really is. In addition to this, since mirrored splashbacks are characterised by having high reflectivity, you will also notice your space seems more illuminated than usual. If plain mirrors do not appeal to you, there is the option of selecting various hues for your splashbacks including rose gold, bronze, charcoal grey and more.

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