Mistakes You're Making That Could Be Damaging Your Home's Air Conditioner

A high-quality air conditioner should last for many years before it breaks down and needs repairs, but how you maintain and use that unit every day will also affect its overall longevity and durability. It's not unusual for homeowners to make some simple but potentially damaging mistakes when it comes to their home's air conditioner; note a few of those mistakes here so you can avoid them yourself, and keep your home's A/C unit in good repair for as long as possible.

Running the unit too long, too often

Leaving the air conditioner running all day and all night puts undue stress on the compressor and fan, and can cause the unit to overheat. In turn, it may then wear out more quickly and need repairs. If you're not home during the day, turn up the thermostat so that the air conditioner only runs a few times while you're gone; you can adjust the thermostat for added cooling once you get home. It's also good to do the same at night, when your body may more readily adjust to warmer temperatures.

Not running the unit

While overusing the unit can be a mistake, not using the unit for long periods of time during summer months can also cause damage. If the air conditioner doesn't come on regularly when it's very humid outside, this can allow condensation to collect along the compressor and fan; in turn, the A/C unit can suffer water damage and mould build-up. Run the unit at least once per day during summertime to encourage air circulation around the compressor, and to dry out this humidity and condensation.

Not cleaning the home

You may not associate a dirty home with damage to your air conditioning unit, but the blower on the air conditioner will need to work harder to push air through dirty ductwork. If you don't vacuum the home or clean dusty areas regularly, all that dirt and debris will settle into those ducts, putting added wear and tear on the air conditioner.

Dust can also make the interior of the home feel warm and uncomfortable, so that you turn up the air conditioner to make the space cooler. This also means unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. Keep the home's surfaces dusted and vacuumed, and clean out the ductwork as needed, so your A/C unit never gets overworked and your home is always cool and comfortable.

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