A High Tech Solution: An Alarm System That Knows Who You Are

While there's still a place for traditional security alarms, there are a number of systems that offer protection that is arguably more advanced. A monitored security system works in a way that you are probably already familiar with. An intruder enters the field of the alarm's motion system, the alarm is triggered (with a deafening siren) and either the police or representatives from the alarm service then attend. Of course, most intruders would flee the instant they hear the siren, and this is not a bad thing. In some residential homes, this traditional approach is still the best choice. But there are some other choices that utilise other components and devices that you might already possess (such as home WiFi and a smartphone) for a high tech approach.

The Small Cylinder

Instead of a traditional alarm, the only evidence that your home is monitored is a small device that is trained on your front door (or multiple devices trained on each entrance). There are a number of styles available, but it is generally a small upright cylinder. It has a sophisticated camera and is connected to the internet via WiFi. So what's the big deal about being able to film someone as they enter your home?

Facial Recognition

The camera is activated by motion and it actually uses a facial recognition system. It analyses the faces of anyone coming inside and cross references them against its database. You would have already stood in front of the camera to add your own face to the database, along with that of anyone else who lives in your home. You might also have added the faces of any friends or family members who regularly visit. If the system recognises a face, it simply returns to standby mode.

Further Action

If the system does not recognise a face, then an alert is sent to your smartphone. You actually look at the face of whomever has entered your home in real time and can then take the necessary action. It might be that a family member has brought an unrecognised person into your home, and then of course no further action is needed. But you might in fact receive a notification and see that a stranger has entered your home, you can then immediately call the police. This is particularly reassuring if you happen to be away on holiday.

So while the traditional alarm system still has a viable purpose in this day and age, you might find that a high tech approach is better suited to your home. Talk with a professional contractor to learn more about security alarms and options.

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