How to Brighten Up Any Dark and Dreary Room

If you have a room in your home that's a bit dark and dreary, adding or enlarging windows may not be workable; for instance, it may be an interior room not attached to outside walls needed for windows, or you may not have the budget for installing windows. Whatever the reason, consider a few tips and tricks and other solutions for brightening up that space.


Hanging mirrors on the wall is a great solution for making the most of any light in the space; the mirror will reflect that light and easily double it, bouncing it off the opposite walls. Use light-coloured frames for a hanging mirror, or choose rounded mirrors without frames. Opt for mirrors in several sizes that you can hang on the wall in a random pattern for an art gallery effect and maximum light reflection.


You may have already tried to add lamps to this dark space in your home but found that they make the room feel cluttered; lamps also may not add much light to long walls or to corners where you have plants and other accessories. Try spotlights for more unobtrusive lighting; these plug in and then sit on the floor or can be attached to a wall, and the bulb can be turned and aimed in any direction. Aim a spotlight up at those mirrors you hang on the wall, or put the light behind a potted plant. Spotlights also work well under artwork and especially along longer walls where other light sources don't illuminate the entire space.


Opt for metal decor in a dark space; like mirrors, metal can more easily reflect and bounce around light. Look for metal picture frames, metal furniture, metal sculptures, and other such pieces. Opt for silver or stainless steel or another lighter shade of metal rather than burnished copper or bronze, so you get the most light reflection from those materials.


If you can't add windows to a room, see if you can add a skylight. This is a good way of bringing in lots of light without the cost of large wall windows and without the wiring needed for an overhead light fixture. You also avoid cluttering up the space with lamps when you have a skylight installed, and natural sunlight can also be more attractive than the artificial light you get with lamps. Having a skylight will also bring in light that those mirrors and metal accessories reflect, making the space seem even brighter.

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