What You Need to Know About Pipework Installation

Pipework installation is used in various applications, including for your gas and water at home. The whole process seems complicated for the layman. A little information on pipework installation will enlighten you of the operation.  This information will be helpful when you want to make decisions such as selection of the right pipework contractors or installers, either for your home or for an industrial plant.


The application of pipework in your home is limited to a few areas – water, gas, and air-conditioning.  However, for commercial or industrial application, there are numerous applications. In addition to the application similar to homes, pipework and sheet metal fabrication are used to design dust and fume extraction systems. In addition, the installations are used to design proper heating and ventilation systems for industrial plants.

Specification of Material

You are sure of where you want the pipework installation or metal sheet fabrication. The next important question is that of choice of the materials. For instance, what would be the best materials for a dust and fume extraction system, or for the heat and ventilation system? Even if you have hired pipework installers to determine the appropriate material, the plant manager also plays an important role in determination of the right material. For heating, you want material that will withstand the high temperatures and pressure. Some fluids cause corrosion, and you therefore want to choose materials that are corrosion-resistant. Will carbon steel piping or stainless steel be the best material? If not, what are the best alternatives. Choice of material is an important factor in the whole pipework installation process.


Pipework must be installed in accordance with relevant and applicable regulations, for both home and industrial applications. For instance, pipes should be installed to meet requirements for safety, durability, and thermal performance. Piping must be protected from freezing by insulation.  Where it is necessary to bury pipes, they must have specified cover.

Water pipes must be installed with necessary precautions to prevent electric shocks. In such applications, the water pipes must be connected to an earth electrode.


When you hire a pipework installer, it may be necessary for them to engage other contractors in performance of their installations. Depending on the nature of piping you want, you should be prepared for inclusion of other contractors in your site or plant. For instance, in design of process water tanks, water tanks, or doing water piping for both industries and homes, the installers may require services of a reputable HVAC contractor.

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