5 Reasons To Seek Concrete Grinding For Your Floor Surfaces

Concrete grinding is starting to become a popular concrete-related service across the residential, commercial, and industrial market segment. It's a concrete service where the surface is finely scrubbed and ground using diamond-embedded rotary discs. This process, which is not the same as concrete polishing, can be sought for a number of reasons and applications. Check them out below.

Concrete repairs

If your concrete floor is damaged due to wear or rough use, you can repair it via a concrete grinding service. The concrete grinder can get rid of tiny pits or rough patches, allowing your builder to plaster or re-render the affected areas afresh. This application can be used for light cosmetic damage or medium wear.

Concrete restoration

If your concrete surface has severely deteriorated, you can opt for concrete grinding as a faster and cheaper way to restore it instead of doing a complete resurfacing. That is, instead of having the concrete surface cut and a new layer installed, you could just have the area ground smooth and a fresh coat of rendering applied to create a new finish.

Concrete coating removal

Concrete grinding is also largely used when there is need to remove top coatings on the concrete floor. For example, the process can be used to grind away coatings such as rendering, exposed aggregate, glue, grout or cork. Concrete grinding makes it possible to do so without damaging the concrete in any way. Plus, it's fast. Once done, the concrete surface can remain in its natural state or it can be coated afresh.

Concrete surface levelling

Concrete grinding is also commonly used to level uneven concrete surfaces such as driveways and outdoor concrete pavers. Not only does doing this create a more visually pleasing look, levelling uneven concrete surfaces also helps to prevent tripping. And in cases where vehicles or heavy machinery is being used, a level surface makes navigation easier while preventing wheel damage.

Concrete overlay installations

Concrete grinding is also a good way to prepare your surfaces for overlay installations such as tiles, laminate flooring, vinyl, timber etc. Through the grinding process, the floor is levelled and tiny imperfections eliminated. The floor is left smooth and bare, ready for application of adhesive and installation. The result is a better attachment of the overlays to the concrete and a more even and professional finish.

The cost of your concrete grinding surface will depend on the span of the area to be worked on, the nature of the concrete floor (how hard it is), and how deep you want the surface ground. Talk to a concrete contractor for an estimate if your need meets any of the applications detailed above.

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